Can you put wet wipes down the toilet?


Wet wipes being put down the toilet are one of the primary caused for blocked toilets and blocked drains. Beyond the house drainage system and main sewer system wet wipes are also seen as one of factors in the creation of huge fatbergs the largest of which was found in Whitechapel recently (click to read more).

Even wipes advertised as flushable are causing major issues. They are taking much longer to break down than traditional toilet paper and are being caught in damaged drains and as mentioned in the many fatbergs being found in cities. Any wipes that does not say flushable should not be put down the toilet.

If you are having trouble with your toilet flushing and being slow to drain and the problem is not in the toilet itself it could be drain issue.

At CCTV Drain Survey we can unblock your drain and carry out a CCTV Drain Survey if required to find the cause. We also provide home buyer drain surveys to check that there are no problems in a property you are selling or buying.

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