What is a Home Buyers Drain Survey?

What is a Home Buyers Drain Survey?

A Home Buyers Drain Survey is also known as a Pre-purchase Drain Survey and is a report which provides a structural survey indicating possible problems with the drainage system around a property or house. The reports are often taken when buying or selling a property.

The Home Buyer Survey is a thorough inspection of the drainage network using CCTV drain survey equipment. A surveyor may only lift immediate drain covers to inspect the condition of the manhole. This may miss many major defects that can cost considerable payments to correct.

Defects or major issues that can be found doing a CCTV Drain Survey include: drain structural issues; mis-connections identification; drainage system ownership; root and drainage damage; and rat / vermin infestation.

Other advantages of a Home Buyers CCTV Drain Survey include: a mapping to show drainage system locations and components and potentially cheaper insurance as drains are not seen as a risk.

A Home Buyers Drain Survey should be considered when purchasing a property.