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DIY Unblock Drain Methods – How To Unblock Your Drain

We often get asked the question How to unblock my drain? How to unblock a drain? How to unblock drains outside? Are there DIY Unblock Drain methods? and similar variations on the unblock a drain theme.

Many Domestic & Commercial blockages are caused by a build up of soap, fat, grease and scale that have built up over the years. Or sometimes more bizarre items that find their way into the toilet and drainage system including toys. We were asked by a caller if toilets and drains make noises? On investigation a pet’s Tweety Toy had made its way into the system, and was making a noise everything the system

A blockage is an unpleasant emergency and one that can be made worse if you do not know what to do. The first point to note is that a blocked toilet may be blocked before you are fully aware of this.

If you see that the water level in the bowl is higher than normal, or that the water takes a considerable time to flow away you should follow the following tips to avoid a major flood.

Try to remove water from the bowl to a normal level. Take a household mop and fully wet and place down the toilet bowl. Try to get the mop head at the bottom of the bend and move in and up and down motion to try and generate pressure. This is often enough to unblock many blockages.

If this does not work there maybe a more serious blockage in the toilet system or a problem with the drainage system itself. Please call us on 0203 757 4646 if you have a blocked toilet or blocked drain and would like to discuss the problem we would be delighted to try and help.

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How To Unblock Your Drain

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