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Drain Surveys and Extensions

If you are planning an extension you will need to look how the proposed building will affect the drains and drainage system around the property. Implications on both the foul drainage and surface water drainage should be examined.

What can a CCTV Drain Survey show about your drainage?

If the build is over or close to a public sewer, you will need written agreement from your sewerage undertaker.

If the build is over an existing drain or sewer, pipes can be damaged. Damaged pipes may leak, block, cause odour, and may even lead to health problems and environmental damage. It may also cause later problems and costs if any later drainage problems arise. It may be necessary to move or protect the drain.

A CCTV Drain Survey will give an accurate view of the current drain system, whether pipes will need moving or altering, depths of manholes and other important aspects necessary to a successful and safe extension build.

The government planning portal recommend a CCTV Drain Survey and their web sites suggests “You are strongly advised to seek advice from a builder, architect, drainage engineer or your local authority building control department before committing to or commencing work.”

What else can a CCTV Drain Survey for an Extension can show?

– Depth level of the manholes.
– Distance from walls i.e. how far away each side of the manhole is from the nearest wall; how far away the centre of the pipe is from the nearest wall etc.
– If the drainage is a shared, public or a private system.
– How far away is the communal line from the manhole (if there is a communal line).
– Any existing connections/junctions within the pipework and what these serve .
– Where each of the lines within the manhole go; whether they are active or redundant etc.
– Locations of any hidden manhole.

For more information on Planning an Extension visit the Planing Portal Drains and Sewers pages and Building Regulation pages.

If you are planning an extension please contact us to quote for your CCTV Drain Survey. We offer an excellent, value for money service with no hidden fees. Please call 0203 757 4646 for more details.

CCTV Drain Survey and Planning an Extension

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